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Gentleman Treatments

We have a great range of waxing for gentlemen

Gentleman’s Waxing


The following conditions may prevent you from being waxed, owing to health and hygiene considerations:

  • Bacterial Infections – includes impetigo, stye, and boils
  • Viral Infections – includes cold sores (herpes simplex), conjunctivitis, genital warts, psoriasis, raised and hairy moles
  • Prescribed Medication for skin – a doctor’s note is required if you are using medication including Retin A, Accutane, and Steroids, leading to skin thinning, which can tear the skin if waxed
  • Sunburn/Heat Rash – you will need to wait at least 24hours until waxing can be carried out
  • Diabetes – a doctor’s note is required
  • Varicose Veins – a doctor’s note is required