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Lymphatic Massage treatment


My name is Biljana. I am certified massage therapist. I am helping women to achieve healthy, youthful, cellulite and fat free life. I am doing several treatments but the treatments with the best reviews and most popular are Body contouring aka Brazilian Lymphatic drainage and Maderotherapy.

Results are visible after just one session (Brazilian sculpting) and after few maderotherapy sessions. Demand for those treatments is enormous. I do Facial Maderotherapy too which is known as nonsurgical face lift. Right after those two treatments comes Ice Body Sculpting treatment which is 100% natural treatment involving thermogenesis.

It is a fat burning process that breaks down fat cells, allowing our body to relocate, remove some of the fat cells through the lymphatic system or use them as an energy source, while contouring the body and tightening the skin.

Treatment which I do a lot too is Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage. This is a type of lymphatic drainage used for post surgery recoveries. K Tapes are used for this treatment too as they reduce swelling and Inflammation.

Improve Blood and Fluids Circulation, Stimulate Bruise and Contusion Recovery.

I Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle form of massage used to relieve painful swelling in your body.

The lymphatic system is responsible for 90% of all fluid regulation in the body. Expect a reduction in swelling, bloating and puffiness after the treatment.

40min – £45 (10 or more treatments £40)

50min – £55 (10 or more treatments £50)

60min – £65 (10 or more treatments £60)



II Body Sculpting – Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage


It is a full-body treatment that enhances blood & lymph circulation. It reduces swelling from lymphoedema, stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improves the metabolism, helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins, fights water retention and provides a boost to the immune system.

Very powerful way to fight cellulite, tone, shape and contour the body.

60min – £85



III Face Contouring – Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage


This massage technique promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid which reduce swelling and puffiness in the face. It encourages the delivery of oxygen and improves hydration to the skin leading to healthier and glowing look.

20min – £35



IV Post Surgery Drainage and Contouring


Type of lymphatic drainage used for post surgery recovery. It is a must-have treatment after liposuction and other forms of fat cells elimination. Very helpful with the recovery process after surgeries.

K Tapes are used for this treatment too as they reduce swelling and Inflammation.

This treatment improves blood and fluids circulation.

Stimulate bruise and contusion recovery.

60min – £75



V Maderotherapy  aka Wood Therapy


Maderotherapy is a massage technique that uses a collection of specialized wooden tools combined with dry brushing and full body scrub.

Wooden therapy has several benefits, including cellulite reduction, pain management, stiffness, relaxation, weight loss, lymphatic drainage and inch loss.

If you are looking for a new treatment to try, maderotherapy is a great option!

45min – £55

60min – £65



VI Maderotherapy Facial Massage


20min – £25



VII Luxury Maderotherapy facial


Apart lymphatic drainage and wooden tools benefits this treatment includes skin peeling and mask application for prolonged relaxation and skin nurturing.

40min – £40



VIII Ice Body Sculpting


Ice body sculpting is a natural treatment used to detoxes the body, helps with cellulite, tightens skin and stimulates thermogenesis to burn fat. Frozen gel is used for this treatment as well as metal tools to sculpt the body.

50min – £64



IX Maderotherapy and Ice Sculpting


1h30min – £97



X Thai Foot Massage


Benefits range from improving the symptoms of depression and anxiety to chronic pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis and much more.

30min – £40



XI Full Body Bespoke Massage


Massage tailored to you needs. It can combine lymphatic drainage, Swedish, relaxing massage, face, feet massage as well as cupping, use of wooden and metal tools.

30min – £37

60min – £68

80min – £86



XII Dry Cupping (Hijama Therapy)


Cupping can be used to reduce pain and increase range of motion. It increases blood circulation and helps stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid which can help remove toxins from the body. Cupping can be significant bruise in the shape of cup which usually reduces in 48hrs.

In the treatment back massage is included.

40min – £54




(Body Glow Exfoliation, Cupping, Body Wraps, Detox Foot Patches)


XIII Body Glow Exfoliation


Exfoliating helps to keep your skin soft and smooth by buffing away and removing dead cells. It deep cleanses pores, hydrates skin. Stimulate blood flow.

20min – £28



XIV Cupping


The cups can be used to increase blood circulation at the point of injury, reduce tension and spasm, promote cell repair through improved flow, reduce inflammation, encourage whole body comfort and relaxation.

15min – £20



XV Body Wraps – Anticellulite & Volcano Dust Wrap


Body wraps help remove toxins from the body, improve circulation and overall skin health.

Anticellulite wrap is mainly used with cellulite treatments like Maderotherapy or Lymphatic drainage while Volcano dust promote collagen production, improves elasticity and boost skin’s strength and resilience against damage.

30min – £24



XVI Detox Foot Patches


Patches draw toxins out of your body and they can also treat high blood pressure, headaches, cellulite, depression, diabetes, insomnia and aid weight loss